Katie Cartmell

Katie Cartmell


Clean: 180

Deadlift: 315


CrossFit L1 Certified

About Coach

Growing up I was always overly competitive and involved in sports. It wasn’t until I was finished with high school athletics that I found the weight room. In college, a friend of mine recommended I try out CrossFit and I was hooked ever since. CrossFit gave me the friendly competition I was missing all while providing a great workout.

Turning Point

Growing up, I was always overweight. Between my junior and senior years of high school, I lost 80 lbs by playing sports and running. I quickly realized that after high school athletics wrapped up, I would have to stay active in order to maintain my weight loss, and running alone wasn’t going to cut it. By incorporating weight lifting into my conditioning, I have been able to gain muscle and strength that I was lacking when I first started my fitness journey.

Motivation & Passion

The reason I enjoy coaching is the people. I want the people who take my class to leave saying, “that was the most fun hour of my day”. As adults, we all deal with the stressors of life and I strive to provide an environment where you can forget about your stress for an hour and focus on yourself, and have a few laughs along the way.

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