Crystal Long

Crystal Long


Lifetime PRs. Back Squat 300

Front Squat Squat 270

CJ 225

Snatch 150

Deadlift 335

Fran 2:26


CrossFit Level 1 Certification 10+ years

Bootcamp instructor 15+ years

CrossFit Affiliate owner 10 years

About Coach

My husband, Nate, and I met in college at TU. We reside in Urbana with two strong, very independent teenagers (Maddie and Marleigh). In my fitness journey I have stood on many podiums, broken several records, inducted into my HS Hall of Fame, inducted into my College Hall of Fame. Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for fitness and movement, with running being the center of my soul. Track and field grabbed me at a young age winning over my heart, and still plays a significant role in who I am today. Being a collegiate athlete at that competitive level and graduating college with no more sports and not knowing what to do had me lost. In my personal opinion, there is nothing better than lacing up track spikes, and hitting a tough track session to really test yourself. After college, I started coaching bootcamps, running 5ks, 10ks and then half marathons to fuel the competitive fire within. Soon enough my Nate and I were doing triathlons. One day my husband saw an advertisement on TV. It was Rich Froning doing handstand pushups and if you can imagine within 10 minutes Nate and I had moved furniture and we were trying it in the kitchen. Shortly after we started our intro to CF at a gym located in Troy called Practice CF. I will forever be thankful for those dungeon doors, walking in and seeing the strongest women with the utmost confidence throwing barbells around like it was nothing. I instantly felt that fire and passion T&F gave me all those years. I used to love running, but when that barbell was thrown in, it was all over!! We were instantly hooked, and this started the fitness journey of LONG ROAD CROSSFIT. We couldn’t wait to share our love of functional fitness with everyone.

Turning Point

Throughout my athletic journey, I have been challenged with being elite, competing at all levels, navigating pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, food challenges, various injuries, and family schedules. Oftentimes we are challenged to redefine who we are and what our purpose is. Through my fitness journey over the years, I have had to reevaluate who I was as an athlete, and it has changed my understanding of what a strong foundation of fitness at any level and proper movement can do for you mentally and physically as you grow. The past two-plus years have been emotionally and physically challenging as life shifts from one season to another. Finding my personal place with fitness along with motivation has been one of the hardest walks I’ve walked, but has been equally rewarding as well. We can all fall off, but we can also get back up! When describing the enemy in our lives it will always be our own self. Get to know and conquer your inner enemy, learn to manage your expectations in that season of your life, learn to appreciate the small things and learn to celebrate them, and CELEBRATE those victories BIG!! Lack of confidence or motivation are all things that we can control within. So when I say conquer the enemy, give yourself some damn grace and you will do just that.

Motivation & Passion

I hope to be able to share my passion with anyone who may be walking a similar path. I would love to help you navigate to find the best you. Whether you are a highschool student, graduating collegiate athlete or a 45YO mom of three with a thriving career I want to help you meet your goals and feel the best you can feel. Don’t let anything hold you back, we can all make excuses for ourselves and think it's okay!! It’s not, you deserve this!! I cannot wait to meet you at the gym!

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